WoW Vision: To see dignified women empowered to identify and use resources around them to positively influence their family and community.

WoW Mission: WoW exists to enhance the woman’s value/worth through fellowship, empowerment, and leadership development.

WoW ministry will operate through the four arms below:

WoW Church is primarily aimed at the fellowship. Through this platform, opportunities are created for godly interactions where the woman’s worth and dignity are enhanced through a Christ-centered social network. WoW Church, secondly, focuses on leadership development which is aimed at raising godly women leaders to positively influence their communities.

WoW Connect focuses on brokering holy connections for posterity. The walls used in the creation of social strata are broken through this platform bridging the gap through empowerment initiatives and resource-sharing.

WoW Community focuses on reaching God’s World 0f Women. Here, irrespective of social, religious, and other differences, women are empowered to identify opportunities around them that enhance healthy children/families contributing to a healthy community.

WoW Class focuses on defining godly graceful and dignified feminism that is contemporary and yet conservatively biblical. Through training, mentorship and coaching, WoW Class will raise individuals with unmatched biblical self-worth living joyful lives.

WoW Core Values
1. Christian (in everything, we try to follow Jesus Christ and what is important to Him. We believe that the Bible is the infallible Word of God and the point of reference for the human race’s faith and practice)
2. Human dignity (we believe all people are made in God’s image and should be treated with utmost care and respect)
3. Family and community (Family is the building block of society, and restoring it, restores communities)
4. Leadership (godly leadership can restore communities through resource-sharing, coaching, and mentoring)
5. Networking (So much more can be achieved through working with other like-minded individuals and groups of people)

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