To see Revamped Christ Centric Generations that are   Kingdom Minded


To Raise a Spiritually and Physically Empowered Generation Through

  • Physical &Ministry Training, Discipleship & Mentorship
    • Nurturing Talent through workshops (Music, Dance, Drama etc.)
    • Cells
    • Counselling
    • Teaching (Word of God)
    • Relationships
  • Outreaches
    • School Ministry (Primary, Secondary& Tertiary Institutions)
    • Local and International Missions
    • Day to Day evangelism
    • Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)
  • Economic project Empowerment
    • Invisible (and Yet So Real)
      • Eradicating the poverty Mentality (Mindset) through Workshops
      • Kingdom Principals of Wealth
      • Business Ideas
    • Visible
      • Creation and running of Businesses
      • Management
      • Business Consultancy


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