At CCi KID-dom, we partner with parents and guardians to lead children to all full devotion to Christ. Through tailored-to-age lessons, challenges, and activities; children aged 2 to 13 are empowered with Biblical truths and life lessons they can apply to real-life situations. We want every child to know God’s word and apply it to their lives and we do this by bringing the Bible to life through fun activities, the arts, teachings, and peer groups. It is a safe place for children to grow together, within and across age groups. Our passion goes into supporting them through every stage of life including relating with others, creativity, service, and ultimately purpose. With different activities spread throughout the year, your children will surely enjoy their faith journey.

To reach out to children everywhere, teaching them to follow Christ, the values of the Christian faith, and empowering them to serve God and people through their talents, gifts, and skills.

“Children who are grounded in God’s word, actively loving Jesus and People”


We seek to establish and build relationships both with one another and with those around us.

We value proactivity and we believe that every day is an opportunity to exercise leadership through service.

We believe in creatively serving one another. we value creativity demonstrated in both learning and service.

We seek to create a safe place for children, volunteers, and all people who interface with our ministry to blossom and foster mutual development.

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